About me


I love creating and developing new work.

Click on the page “Giveness” to watch my short shadow puppetry films set to oral histories. My trio of short plays Third-Eye: or how to see while spinning received an LMCC Community Arts Grant.

I have done new play dramaturgy for the Colorado New Play Summit, Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s Southern Writers Project, the Arkansas New Play Festival with TheatreSquared, the New York Neo-FuturistsConni’s Avant Garde Restaurant, the Write Now and the Bonderman Playwriting Festival for Youth, Geva Theatre and the Goodman Theatre.

Working with Eric Pfeffinger. Photo by John Moore

I frequently collaborate with director, designer, and puppeteer Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew. I have loved being an ensemble artist with Trusty Sidekick Theatre Company as they developed and performed immersive productions for young audience at Lincoln Center Education, the Park Avenue Armory, and the Old Stone House.

Local stories inspire me. Ever since attending Cornerstone Theater’s Institute, I have had a passion for creating performances of little-known or remembered local stories and subjects, such as: work, transportation, a land preserve, and, for Nellie Perrera, in Takes on Silence, a silent film studio in Brooklyn.

I was a Fulbright scholar to Denmark and  wrote my thesis on the ways in which theatricality shaped the development and dramaturgy of a play created by Gruppe 38. I have an MFA in dramaturgy from Stony Brook University, and I am a member of LMDA.

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