I have something for you.

No, I didn’t entirely know what you wanted. I didn’t check your wish lists. I’m not sure what your response will be, since I’m not sitting nearby while you discover it. If I could, I’d give this to you in a performance, where we can feel something that’s not quite the reciprocity of a gift, nor an exchange or return –but something else. Something that makes a gift more than an object or a thing. Something created between two people. You know what I’m talking about? I’m calling it Giveness.

Here you can watch stories of gifts that were told to me at The Carter Burden Leonard Covello Senior Center, in Harlem, NYC, between March and May of 2016. I’m grateful for the storytellers: Adolfo Perez, Allan Rosteing, Joseph J. Medina, LouisNeli, Rachel Oddman, Jenny Rodriguez, Geraldine O’Kelly, and Mario Repollet.

Thanks to the Covello Center staff, especially Sonia Diaz. Thanks to Jeffrey Klein for his puppetry, patience, and love. Thanks to Nancy Fleminger, Alex Randup, Conrad Kluck, and Nellie Perrera. Thanks to all of my Object Movement Festival colleagues for their support, suggestions, and encouragement.