Work with Me

I freelance as a dramaturg, performer, writer, and educator.

Working with Eric Pfeffinger at the Colorado New Play Summit. Photo by John Moore.

Two of those things are obvious, but what do I do as a dramaturg?

It means:

  • script consulting
  • research (visual, historical, literary)
  • textual analysis
  • audience outreach, including program notes, pre-show discussions, post-show talk backs, study guides, lobby displays


When I do a script consultation, I read through the play, make notes, and then talk.

  • Reading: I’ll ask if the person wants me to keep any specific thing in mind as I read, not to make that the sole focus but to make sure that I’m tracking it for discussion.
  • I spend time drawing up notes to help clarify and push my own thinking about your work.
  • And then we talk. Talking is not giving you a list of notes; I need to make sure I understand your impetus, vision, and goals for the piece. So I’ll ask what drew you to this piece, and what about it is juicy/compelling/magnetic about it to you. And I ask where you feel it is (rough draft, v. ready for a read, v. ready for a production, etc.). And then I go through ideas, connections, and questions I have, ideally ones that are catalytic for you and your process.

Whether as a one-time consultant for a run-through or someone who follows an entire production, I love my work.


I’ve written articles for American Theatre, HowlRound and the Poor Lessing’s Almanack.


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