Work with Me

I freelance as a dramaturg, performer, writer, and educator.

As a dramaturg, what can I do for you?

  • give you feedback on your play
  • give you research (visual, historical, literary)
  • lead audience outreach and engagement, including program notes, pre-show discussions, post-show talk backs, study guides, and lobby displays

When I do a script consultation, I read through the play, make notes, and then talk.

Whether as a one-time consultant for a run-through or someone who follows an entire production, I love supporting someone as they create their work.

I have done new play dramaturgy for the Colorado New Play Summit, Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s Southern Writers Project, the Arkansas New Play Festival with TheatreSquared, the New York Neo-FuturistsConni’s Avant Garde Restaurant, the Write Now and the Bonderman Playwriting Festival for Youth, Geva Theatre and the Goodman Theatre.

Annie Cusick Wood

“I was fortunate to be partnered with Amy Jensen at the Write Now Festival with Child’s Play, Arizona in 2019. I had an idea for a show and was given four days and a creative team to develop it. Amy was the Dramaturg for this team. 

“Before I met Amy she was given a glowing recommendation by the festival director, Jenny Millinger. After a week working closely with her she far exceeded even my high expectations. As a dramaturg she is keenly observant of what is being explored and has the ability to see the bigger picture of the piece, helping it stay on course. Amy played a crucial role in the rehearsal room. She observed, analyzed what was going on, thought carefully about how to communicate her suggestions to me, and it was always the golden ticket of an idea. Over a few days of knowing her I came to trust her implicitly.  She was as invested in the piece as I was. She would arrive in the morning armed with constructive questions that I, as the playwright needed to ask myself. She was like the brilliant critical best friend side coaching me in the rehearsal room.  

“I would love Amy to be included in any new development and rehearsal process with me. The play was much better as a result of Amy being the Dramaturg and I highly recommend her to be part of your theatre making creative team wholeheartedly.”

Annie Cusick Wood, Playwright & Director, March 2020

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