Click here for my resume as a performer, dramaturg, creator, and director.


“Amy is truly gifted at listening, processing what she reads and hears, and articulating the questions that make a writer excited about the revision process. Having her along ensured that I got everything I could out of the process. By asking me the right questions and encouraging fearlessness, she saved me years of guesswork. After the Bonderman, I continued to work with Amy. Again, I was amazed by her insight and acumen – and grateful for her brain!!  Working with Amy has honestly made me a better writer.”  –Nicole B. Adkins, Playwright

“You have an insight that I’m certain would be a boon to any project you work on. You’ll be recommended to everyone I know, and I hope that means we get to work together again.” –Joey Rizzolo, New York Neo-Futurist

“Amy is a fantastic dramaturg, scholar, thinker, performer and collaborator. She is a sensitive and sharp minded theater artist – and a gift to have in any room.” –Paul Bargetto, Artistic Director, East River Commedia,

“Amy was lovely to work with; she brought so many good (and unexpected) ideas and text to the table. I would love to work with her again and would recommend her to any of my peers.” –Madeleine Bernatchez, Artistic Director of Sintroca,

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