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“Amy is truly gifted at listening, processing what she reads and hears, and articulating the questions that make a writer excited about the revision process. Having her along ensured that I got everything I could out of the process. By asking me the right questions and encouraging fearlessness, she saved me years of guesswork. After the Bonderman, I continued to work with Amy. Again, I was amazed by her insight and acumen – and grateful for her brain!!  Working with Amy has honestly made me a better writer.”  –Nicole B. Adkins, Playwright

“You have an insight that I’m certain would be a boon to any project you work on. You’ll be recommended to everyone I know, and I hope that means we get to work together again.” –Joey Rizzolo, New York Neo-Futurist

“Amy is a fantastic dramaturg, scholar, thinker, performer and collaborator. She is a sensitive and sharp minded theater artist – and a gift to have in any room.” –Paul Bargetto, Artistic Director, East River Commedia,

“Amy was a very important part of the team. She wrote for the performance, adapted her writing and helped the actor understand the story (and how they could tell it). She worked on aspects of the performance that were being overlooked which allowed us to push our ideas. She took the writing to another level. Amy was lovely to work with; she brought so many good (and unexpected) ideas and text to the table. I would love to work with her again and would recommend her to any of my peers.” –Madeleine Bernatchez, Artistic Director of Sintroca,